Keto4allCanada subscription box – try keto products before buying them!

If you are reading this, I don’t have to convince you. You know an active lifestyle and a ketogenic diet is the best way to stay healthy and lose weight. But you also know that it might sometimes be hard to find appropriate food to eat if you are not the best cook around. On top of it, keto products are not mass-produced like “normal” food, so the price point is generally much higher than a normal diet. Not a lot of keto brick-and-mortar stores, and kinda pricey products online. I personally order from a website since I don’t know if it’s going to be any good and I might waste my money. Feeling me? But now there’s keto4allCanada!

Keto4allCanada is a bi-monthly lifestyle box subscription service. Keto products that you might never have heard of and probably would never have ordered before trying them out will be sent your way every other month. Do you like them? Now you can commit to a large order from the manufacturer. They even provide a coupon code for most items in the box.

My first loot box was filled with new snacks that I will certainly order in the future. I would certainly never have ordered coconut chips. I don’t like coconut. But coconut chips? Wow! Amazing! Blume? What is this? Pumpkin tea? I don’t like pumpkins! But Blume? It’s great! 

I often have yogurt with chia cereal with some blueberries. The Maple Cinnamon Crunch from Bubbas will certainly replace the chia cereal in the future.

Can’t wait to try the Hearts of Palm Spaghetti that was also in the box. Will it be better than the spaghetti squash that I currently eat when pasta is on the menu for the rest of the family, not doing keto? Maybe. Time will tell!

An important note: as the name suggests, keto4allCanada is a Canadian company, but they ship to the US too. Give them a try. Give them some love.