Great Toys and Games for Holiday Shopping

image of a box full of toys and games

PlayWise Partners sent us a box of goodies to check out for the holidays! Here are some awesome toys and games for your 2022 gift list!

Readyland Books: These adorably illustrated books work with Alexa to really add to the reading experience! A great option for a child just learning to read – Alexa joins in on the encouragement!

It’s Bananas: This is a super fun family game perfect for ages 6 and up. This game is a TikTok sensation – you basically strap on the tail, spin the spinner, and win bananas. Think kids/teens even adults tipsy game night! Winner of the 2022 Toy Insider’s Top Holiday Toy Award.

Fire In The Hole: This is a pirate party game perfect once again for kids/teens/adults. This is an Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable game. You pop on your eye patch, play your card, and fire away at the cannonballs! The first to link 4 cannonballs is the winner. We really laughed playing this one!

Jurassic World Dominion Captivz Eggs:  Super great stocking stuffer! You have to unwrap your egg, sort through the slime and “ooze,” and see what species you got! Each egg has a pop-together dinosaur figure and battle token.


Thank you PlayWise Partners for showing us these great and innovative holiday gift options!