Boxed Water Review

Check out a truly amazing alternative to single-use plastic water bottles—Boxed Water.  I mean, in my house of four people, we must go through ten water bottles a day.  I know they are super easy to navigate through life with, but the damage to our Earth is something we really need to think about.

Boxed Water will magically arrive at your house and is 100 percent recyclable and 100 percent pure water.  What could actually be better! The packaging here is 92 percent plant-based.  I love this whole concept.  Now, the husband would say, “Don’t people recycle their plastic water bottles as we do?”  The sad truth here is that 69 billion plastic water bottles are made annually and only about 10 percent of them are actually recycled.  That is one awful statistic.

Side note – these are refillable too; so I typically start my morning in the office with one and keep refilling throughout the day.  And while I have your attention, I hope you are also recycling your milk cartons, juice boxes, and broth boxes – the same concept totally!

Super easy to purchase.  Grab up, right on their website, and if you subscribe and save you will get a better deal.  I mean, it is truly a no-brainer since you literally drink “disposable” water daily anyhow.

They offer smaller 8.45 oz cartons, perfect for a school lunch box, as well as the 16.9 oz carton that is the same as that plastic bottle you are carrying around anyhow.

Check out Boxed Water today!