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We are truly enjoying our start to summer afternoons and evenings and I have to say the addition of some super cool products from GEOSPACE are really adding to the fun!  We have been trying out a few things my kids refer to as “super awesome and different” and I don’t see the fun wearing off anytime soon.  “Geoflux” is sort of modern-day slinky meets ball in my opinion.  It is 3D and can be passed back and forth from person to person for interactive gaming and fun!  It stores totally flat and is a great keep in the car item as well for lengthy car trips and family bbq’s.  This retails for $17.99 (

So my favorite was the “Bungee Boing” for ages 3 and up.  This is a super soft and comfortable pogo stick with a handy bungee cord in the center which makes it easier to navigate.  It is the perfect starter pogo stick.  This is safe for indoor and outdoor use, totally lightweight and priced at $17.99.  This is a great gift that is keeping my kids busy for hours in the fresh air.  (

Definitely the crowd pleaser hear was the excuse to stay outside late into the darkness in order to try out “LED Night Shotz”.   This a great and super easy to use stomp rocket; but the rockets contain LED lights that fly up to 100 feet and have enough light for hundreds of trips up to the night sky.  (

Please visit their website ( for more information and other great items.  The kids are so thrilled!

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