Kyte Baby Makes Bamboo Clothes

I have found the softest baby clothes ever! Kyte Baby is made out of bamboo rayon with a bit of spandex, to offer the most comfortable fabric ever.

Kyte Baby doesn’t only offer baby apparel, but also accessories, like car seat covers, bibs, and beanies. They also have plenty for toddlers and adult wear. And all made out of the softest material you have ever held in your hands.

As it is hypoallergenic and cool, the bamboo fabric will calm any child right down to sleep! And as bamboo is a sustainable resource, you can feel good buying Kyte Baby. And oh my god the colors! You can get your child dressed in any color of the rainbow! I had a hard time choosing.

The swaddle blanket is made out of bamboo and just the right amount of spandex (3%) to be stretchy, fit nice and snuggly around your baby, but keep firm so he stays swaddled. Again, it is the softest swaddle blanket I have ever had in my hands. I love the gender-free polka-dot design. On their website, you can find plenty of designs and colors of swaddle blankets to fit any color scheme you choose for your baby’s room!

I love that all zippers are dual, so you can open up the sleeping bags, rompers, or footsies from the top or the bottom, so the diaper changes are easily and quickly done without waking your precious.

From one mother to the next, I can full-heartedly recommend Kyte Baby. I absolutely adore their products.