Rau Chocolate, Organic Superfood Beverages

Born in the apartment of health conscious college students, Rau is a brand of organic chocolate drinks combined with other clean ingredients to provide your body with a natural boost of energy and nutrients. Rau chocolate is made from cold-pressed, single origin, fair trade, organic cacao beans which are blended into dairy free, gluten free, non GMO, and vegan friendly drinks.

Rau chocolate drinks are available in six different flavor combinations, including the Bold Original, and the newly released Salted Caramel. The other flavors are Mint, made with real mint leaf; Coconut, made with virgin coconut oil; Cold Brew Mocha, made with organic cold brewed coffee; and Semi-Sweet, made with coconut palm sugar. Now all they need is a cayenne flavor!

Co-founders Daren Myers and Brian Watrous want people to become more aware of the health benefits of natural chocolate as well as the importance of organic, fair trade products. This is why all of their ingredients come from organic, fair trade sources, and each drink is packed with antioxidants and healthy fats, hence the “superfood” designation. They want you to check out their website, drinkrau.com, and then indulge yourself by joining their chocolate “RAUvolution!”

If you decide to try it out, the drinks are available through local grocers and food markets along the West Coast and throughout the Midwest. Otherwise, you can either request a store you frequent to begin carrying it, or just order it online. The only thing about ordering online is timing. The drinks are perishable and therefore are not shipped out at the end of the week. In other words, if you place your order on Thursday or Friday, you may not get it until the middle of the next week.

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