ERGOFOAM footrest will save your “Office Feet”

I do ALOT of sitting at my desk whether it be at home or at work.  ERGOFOAM is the under desk footrest you simply must have.  It gives your feet firm support and actually makes my body sit properly and upright.  We aren’t young anymore and I don’t have to tell you that we can all benefit from improved circulation, and less fatigue to the back area which are both covered when using this footrest.  By the way it is super soft and has this nice velvet feel.

I have the Adjustable Foot Rest ($40) which you can easily remove the bottom of if you are shorter/taller etc.  You can grab these in the nice velvet I am adoring or also breathable mesh.  Also available is a foot rest without the added piece ($33) and an option for taller individuals ($38).

These are all backed by a lifetime warranty and so easy and lightweight to use at home, work and even travel with.  Another quick tip: if you flip it upside down you can use the product as a “rocker” and keep your feet moving (improving circulation as I mentioned earlier).

You simply have to check this innovative product out right away!