Tempest by WeatherFlow is My Favorite New Device

The Tempest by WeatherFlow is objectively one of those products that will completely changes how your house functions in your day life. Just like once everyone started getting robotic vacuum its now a standard and nobody actually remembers how to vacuum their house anymore, the Tempest will now change your process.


At the basic, the tempest is a weather station for your home. It sounds rather simple, but this is a device which will constantly read and monitor the temperature of where ever you place it.


Who am I kidding? It monitors more than just the temperature, it measures the wind, the UV, how much it rained and basically everything. So sure, it’s amazing because it will give you that super-accurate read-out of exactly what’s going on in your neighborhood.


But that’s where the story starts. I never thought of this before, but I live in a rather large town.  It’s maybe 7 miles wide by about 5 miles across. So when I’m asking for the weather it’s kind of a generalization across the town. Maybe my block is more or less accurate compared to the generalized reading of the town. Maybe I have more trees blocking the wind and therefore that some sort of factor that I don’t understand or is not taken into account.

This is where the AI comes in. It’s micro analyzes your weather and how accurate predictions are based on it’s reading. So that after 60 days the accuracy get better and better. If you see in the screenshot that I took a photo of the standard weather app as compared to the tempest. In this example, it was only 1° but I did find on more than one occasion it could be a variable almost 3 to 5°. At that point, it’s starting to make a bit of a difference.


In addition, I absolutely love that I can get an exact measurement of how much rain, wind etc. for the past day.  I admit that I geek out when I see that a hurricane came to town and I get pissed when I have no idea how bad the wind was.


All of this data is easily accessible so if you really wanna go crazy, like my husband loves to do, you could even export the data and do whatever calculations in the world you need to do in terms of comparing the UV outside to something else in the world.

I also love the fact that this was one of the fastest setup devices I’ve literally ever had. And no exaggeration I have this thing running in about four minutes, and I am not a technical person.  I’m barely getting my toaster functionally running.


In fact, I had this connected to Alexa and Google within another three minutes which makes it much even easier to scream to Alexa what’s the weather flow says it’s the temperature.


This has to be one of my favorite gadgets that came in for review because it really does change your view on the weather when you start to see the difference between your town’s general weather and that micro example of your house. This is really a game changer.  Go and check it out on Amazon.