Essential Birthing Partner Labor and Postpartum Backpack – Review

We recently had our second child, and I was happy to be able to give my husband the Essential Birthing Partner Labor & Postpartum Backpack from Healing  Mama to take along to the hospital.

hosital bag 1

Essential Birthing Partner Labor and Postpartum Backpack

This backpack is an amazing kit for any birthing partner accompanying a mom at birth! We loved that it thought of everything!

To begin with, the kit comes in a nice backpack with a handy side pocket and a big water bottle. It has a beautiful unisex look with a stylized tree on the front.


Within quick reach, attached to the top zipper, are 3  booklets:

  • The birthing partner guide: This booklet tells you what to pack that isn’t already included in your birthing partner kit, how to prepare for the big day, and how to help mom with perineal massages.
  • Labor and delivery care and tips: This covers all the basic questions the birthing partner might face regarding the breaking of the water, safe positions for the mother, choices to make regarding pain medication and birthing place, and how to best assist the future mother during the different stages of the birth.
  • Postpartum care: Here the guide helps you with the postpartum care of yourself, mom, and child. It goes over all the basic necessities which you might forget in the rush of it all and teaches you how to recognize and help in case of postpartum depression.

I love these booklets. We browsed through them a couple of times before the big day. The information included is clear and relevant, and it helped us tremendously.

Laundry Pouches

The backpack also holds two laundry pouches, each with a handy label telling you exactly what is inside each of them.

One of them contains basic snacks and drinks for the birth partner. Protein bars, coffee sachets, mentos…and enough room left in the pouch to add your personal favorites!

hosital bag 2

The other contains basic care supplies: tissues, antiseptic wipes, lip balm, face towel…and you can add your personal supplies on top (like your toothbrush).

hosital bag 3

Of course, both pouches can be used to keep the dirty laundry once you have used its contents.

A medium packing cube is filled with a fleece blanket, slippers, an inflatable pillow, ear plugs, and an eye mask. Everything the birthing partner needs to get some shuteye.

hosital bag 4


The Essential Birthing Partner Labor and Postpartum Backpack from Healing Mama is an amazing kit to bring to the hospital for the birth! I highly recommend it as a gift to the father-to-be or birthing partner. It is always the mom that receives gifts to prepare her for the big event. Why not gift something to the partner that they will truly need?

We were extremely happy with this bag, but do not forget to add your own personal supplies and favorite snacks. This will make it truly perfect for the big day! (A checklist of items you might want to add is included in the bag.)

You can buy the Essential Birthing Partner Labor and Postpartum Backpack for $98.88 from the Healing Mama website.