Top Sleep Gadgets – 2022

If there is one thing a busy mom needs, it’s sleep. I find that when I go to bed I can lie there and not necessarily fall straight to sleep, even though I’m quite sure that is exactly what my body needs. As for this pandemic, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that anxiety does not help you sleep. Below you will find our list of top sleep gadgets to help you get the shut-eye you need.

Lectrofan Evo

The first item on the left in the above photo is the Lectrofan Evo. This is a sound machine that very quickly can make white noise, the sound of a fan, or the sound of the ocean. The biggest takeaway and reason I love it is because of its speed of implementation. There are no fancy gadgets, no need to Bluetooth to somewhere or other. You simply press the button and go. After having used this for a week, I realize it’s the perfect gift for my own mother because she is not exactly the most tech-savvy and you cannot screw this up at all.


The second sleep machine you see above is the Morphee. This is an all-in-one meditation device. There is more complexity here, but I found this completely amazing. It serves a completely different function than the fan above. I found that on the nights I had way too much going on in my head, this could be the perfect tool to meditate in a body scan and breathe out my problems. You turn one dial and it will select the type of program, the next dial selects which of those types of programs, and the third dial selects the length of time. If you would like to do session number two of body scan or session number four of breathing, you can easily choose.

This is especially useful for those moms who really need to think about their issues and obsess about their issues, and can you tell that’s me? Yes, that’s me.

Allay Lamp

The third sleep machine in the photo is the Allay lamp. This lamp is based on the research of neuroscientist Dr. Rami Burstein. It simply emits a band of light that can help you sleep. How can this help you sleep? It’s the lowest level of light that you could read a book by, but also has a bit of a calming effect. This narrow band of light is just enough to see your book and has been proven to reduce headaches.

Now, used in conjunction, I can read my book before I go to bed, meditate about why this pandemic has driven me nuts, and then finally fall asleep to the soothing sounds of waves crashing.


sleep gadgets

Manta Mask

In this shop, you’ll see two lovely gadgets. The first on the left in the above photo is the Manta Mask.  What is the Manta Mask? This mask blocks out the world but I see a slight amount of reality. This blacks out all light, and I mean all light. If you’re trying to sleep on a plane, this is for you! When I tried it I realized just how inefficient every other mask I’ve had actually was.

Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser

On the right is the Organic Aromas nebulizing diffuser. Now, I’ve never heard of a nebulizing diffuser before, but tell me this isn’t the most gorgeous one of them you’ve ever seen! Maybe you’re like me and you love essential oils. Well, this diffuser is the real deal. This looks gorgeous and just ups your essential oil game.


chappy wrappy

Chappy Wrap

ChappyWrap has blankets that they label as the most comfortable blanket you’ll ever have. Now if you’ve followed my advice above, you have your diffuser, and your sound machine, and really all the things, but what are you going to wrap up into?  This particular pattern that you see is the Gem Palace which has a nice classic look that really works anywhere.

google home

Google Nest Hub

How is the Google Nest Hub a sleep device?  Oh, the answer is beyond what you think!  See, first of all, I can always say: “Hey Google, play the sound of the ocean.” Now, I can lie there and dream I wasn’t stuck in Long Island but, in fact, somewhere a bit more luxurious.  But, the more I used it, the more I realized its advantages.

I could say: “Hey Google, turn on the Ecobee heat,” and poof, it works with my thermostat. If I heard a noise, I could play the video camera in the backyard.

Even if I started freaking out about my husband’s flight, I could easily check on that.  “Hey Google, how is the flight status of Jetblue 4093?”

See, it can do all the tasks I shouldn’t be freaking out over so I can go right to sleep.


Pizuna Linens

Pizuna makes sheets that are uber-soft, sweat-wicking, and temperature balancing. When you get to be a woman of a certain age, these things are vitally important. I will not sleep if I’m too hot and, generally, I get that hot flash at least a few times in the night.  This does make that quite a bit easier to deal with.


sleep phones

AcousticSheep Wireless SleepPhones
I love my AcousticSheep Wireless SleepPhones.  I can listen to whatever I want while I am comfortable resting in bed without disturbing anyone. I love to wear these when I’m taking walks as they keep my ears warm and comfortable. The uses are endless. I will not get on an airplane without them! The bands are washable and interchangeable so you can get a variety of colors and patterns.

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