Every Man Jack Cologne

This year for Valentine’s Day I opted to go the cologne route with the hubby.  That is always a struggle since so many man scents out there are kind of “too smelly” for my guy.  He likes a scent that isn’t too much; isn’t to “girly” and doesn’t resemble something those annoying ladies at the mall spray on you.  These are all comments he has personally made by they way.  So how to accomplish the V-Day man scent??

Enter Every Man Jack Cologne and you are way on your way.  The presentation/box immediately reminds you of a whiskey bottle.  Right up this guys ally.  Upon opening the bottle you are hit with a real manly and woodsy fragrance.  To be more descriptive the cologne features sandalwood, vetiver, amber and a tiny hint of vanilla.  I just want to mention that it is such the perfect combo that you can apply after taking a shower and then again when you head out for the evening.  And by the way; this product is free from parabens, phthalates, dyes, gluten aluminum and there is zero animal testing.

The cost to you; $25.00.  Also available at Target.  Hurry up and run you only have a couple of days left!

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