Kernel Seasons

I know the Super Bowl usually brings with it wings/dips/heroes but in this house we are going with popcorn.  All kinds of popcorn and we can do this because we are checking out all the awesome flavor options from Kernel Seasons!  It doesn’t matter if you like sweet or spice – all your wants and needs are covered here!  From butter flavor, to ranch, to caramel or kettle corn you basically cannot go wrong.  And they are super easy to use; all you do is prepare your favorite popcorn however you like and then shake it on top.  It is really that simple.

I honestly have trouble choosing – all 15 are that awesome.  We are super partial in this house to the ranch and the kettle corn flavorings.  And think outside the box and blend two together like butter/salt or white cheddar/jalapeno.  Options are endless.

The company didn’t stop there. They also offer these awesome tasty shakes; these are great options to mix right into your oatmeal!  The hubby is loving them.  We have the apple cinnamon, peaches and cream and vanilla shakers and each one doesn’t disappoint!  What an awesome way to get the picky eater in your house to have some healthy oatmeal for breakfast.

You still have a few days before the big game – run out and grab it (available at Walmart, Kroger, Target and Safeway).

You can also purchase on amazon!

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