Valentine’s Indulgent Products For You!

Ladies – it is your holiday too and you deserve the best in pampering products.  I am about to tell you about three I received this past week and had the pleasure of testing out in my house.  Send this info to your significant other STAT!

ClayDry Deodorant – I am always on the hunt for a new and improved deodorant.  I have very sensitive skin so this product really appeals to me!  Sometimes the “for sensitive people” products do not work as well.  I’ve been finding I love the silky feel and it totally lasts all day with all my working mom craziness!  I absolutely love the scent options – even the original is a yummy combo of vanilla and citrus; I feel very clean and fresh!  These products are vegan and free from aluminum, parabens, gluten and cruelty.

Gold Mountain Beauty Rosehip Oil and Gold Dust Elixer – I cannot say enough good things about this product.  It is a super easy addition to your daily beauty plan.  I use a few drops a day on my skin prior to makeup and a little bit in my hair after a shower.  My face has a nice healthy glow and I know my hair is already softer in just a few times of use.  Think about all the damage you do straightening your hair and applying make up to your face.  This is a wonderfully priced solution to the stresses we bring!  Available on their website above and also Amazon!

Olyxir Organic Dark Chocolate – This product is actually made with organically-grown olive leaf powder.  Oh; and it is 66% organic cacao original chocolate.  This is actually chocolate that is healthy for you!  I’m not kidding!  You can grab these bars in bulk or single (they cost about $4 per bar on their own).  I love that they are also a vegan friendly and gluten free option.  They are chock full of antioxidants and about 66 calories per serving so you will not even feel guilty about indulging!

Please check these great products out for last minute Valentine’s Day shopping!

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