Famadillo’s Top Games To Purchase This Holiday Season

Today on this dreary Sunday (A Sunday you are probably staying home and ordering your gifts online) I bring you a pretty cool list of games to consider scooping up for someone this holiday season.  The ages range; so does the content/theme so you will be sure to find something for everyone on your list.

Election NightCan you come up with the mathematical, geography and civic skills to earn your way to the White House? You can try it out by playing Election Night perfect for ages 8+.  You can play in teams or even just against another player.  I love me a game where the kids are learning and can’t even see it amidst the fun!  Probably just under an hour is needed to play the game.

Stomp Rocket BLO-Rockets: So we have enjoyed/reviewed stomp rockets before and have always had a great time.  This time around we take the fun a step further.  These rockets are appropriate for ages 5-13 and is a great options for homes with boys and girls.  In the box you get two launchers and four rockets along with a few suggested game plans.  It will cost you around $20.00 and is so so worth the time they will spend outside together, exercising and not using any device with screens.

Chroma Cube: If you are like me you sometimes need a little alone time to concentrate on something that maybe stretches your mind.  Enter Chroma Cube and you are on your way.  This game I played twice so far.  The goal; to solve the puzzle on the card to decipher where to put the next colored block should be placed in the tray.  This game is so well made too; hard wood pieces and honestly a nice look for your living room side table.  This game is about $20.00 on Amazon.

Red Neck Road Kill: Ok this is a weird one.  For just under $30.00 I bring you a RC truck that drives forward, reverse, left and right looking for all kids of varmints.  We actually had a hilarious time fighting over whose turn it was.  I would say its appropriate for 14+ and probably a great/funny idea for a grab bag gift this holiday season.

Shark Bite:  Here is a great game for the little ones 4 and up.  Pick your color, snap all the sea creatures into place and take your turn.  But be careful because you never know when the shark will snap its mouth shut!  The kids were laughing and cheering each other on with each turn.  Of course I always seemed to get the shark’s wrath which made it funnier.  This game costs about $21.00.

Actually Curious:  Where are my card game players out there?  This is a GREAT game for moms night out at someones home.  Grab some wine, one of these sets of cards and you are ready to go!  The decks have themes – we have the curiosity and happy hour editions (each cost about $24.00) and contain questions that will build connections among the players.  Cards are divided into colors (blue being more of an ice breaker question like “what did you do with the family for the holidays as a child”, while red is super deep like “can violence ever be justified”).  The happy hour edition is their second set of cards available and dig a little deeper into the fun in our relationships.  Think holiday party, think family gathering, snowy game night etc.  These decks of cards are so so fun!  We love them!

Clack!: This magnetic game we love to pieces!  It is perfect for ages 5+ and can be played with 2-6 players.  Perfect for your next indoor winter play date!  You basically roll the dice, race to stack the magnetic discs ( you’ll have to put back ones that you grab in error).  Largest stack at the end is the winner!  This is a great teacher of patterns and planning.

World’s Smallest Magic 8 Ball:  This is just adorable for a stocking stuffer.  I adore the old school feeling of this little ball.  You can ask it just about any question and it will magically answer for you!  This is great for anyone 8 and up.  Think stockings, think work grab bag “will the boss give us off tomorrow” etc.  Just an adorable and nostalgic addition available for your holiday shopping.

Tetris (Micro Arcade):  Another nostalgic item for ages 8 and up.  This is the exact little hand held game we had as kids that now fits literally in the palm of your hand.  This has a full color screen and authentic sounds but with today’s technology (USB charging cord included).  This will cost about $18.00 and please check out all of their other options so many old games available!

Get started on your holiday gaming needs – I’ll be back tomorrow with more cool shopping items and ideas!

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