Singani63 is oh so me!

The holidays are coming fast and furious and with it comes of course the need for the perfect holiday cocktail.  I always try to come up with something different that no one has tried before.  Enter Singani63 and I am off to a wonderful start!

Singani63 is the result of over 500 years of Bolivian heritage.  The grapes used are literally grown at a minimum altitude of 5,250 feet and only in Singani (in the Andes Mountains).  Cool story behind how this lovely liquor came to be in the United States.  Steven Soderbergh spent 6 years working on this “project” while shooting a movie in Bolivia.

Now here is what is cool about this bottle the hubby and I are testing out this weekend.  So we first tried it out alone without any mixers on the rocks.  It has light spicy hints of flavor that you will notice right away.  But the fragrance is unreal; citrus meets floral and quite honestly I was just sipping and breathing it all in.  The drink was delicious.  While we were sipping we started perusing the mixed drink options for Singani63 (which is endless by the way).  So my first recipe was for a spicy margarita.  Umm…this was unreal.  You grab the bottle of singani and add agave, lime juice and some cilantro and you are on the way.  Shake/salt the rim and holy moly is that delicious!  Now the hubby is a dark and stormy guy so we tried that recipe out as well.  Singani with lime juice and ginger beer; strain and serve.  Totally amazing as well!  So many more to choose from and more Singani63 in the bottle to try out some others.

I think my favorite part of this liquor is that you can use it so many ways – what other liquors do you see that you can make so a margarita and a pina colada out of??? Check it out and bring to your next holiday event!

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