The Slyde, A Cordless Wet-dry Floor Cleaner

The SLYDE is a cordless wet-dry floor cleaner that basically is a modern take on mopping.  I admit that this had a bit of a learning curve for me in setting up. Maybe I’m not the most technical, but it certainly took me a few minutes to figure out and get running. I had to read the manual twice, but I think because it’s such a novel way of mopping.


That said, I think it’s such a brilliant but unique take on mopping that clearly took me a bit to get through the concept.


Basically, the mob comes in two separate features. The broom/vacuum-like structure is moving a roller which is creating that mopping action and automatically rolling along the ground. This vacuum head has the additional feature of cleaning the roller off constantly.


I would consider the base unit almost like a mop bucket. It feeds the mop with fresh cleaning liquid as well as will constantly rinse off the roller whenever you bring it back.


Once I got through this understanding, it was exceptionally easy to use and maneuver. It is actually pretty amazing once you get the hang of it.  Especially with the motor, it makes it even easier to use and extremely effortless.


I have to admit that  I had the same basic reaction when I tried using a robotic vacuum device for the first time.  It was shock and then joy.


At first, it feels like something doesn’t make sense, and then when you’re used to it, it becomes standard practice.


I definitely found it much easier to use than a basic system and could easily see myself using this more and more.  Amazon currently has a 20% coupon so ti’s worth checking out.