Saturday night and the hubby is happy

The title got you thinking right?!?

Nope…not what you think.  I handed him a selection of fantastic cigars from  I truly love me a product that is home-grown right here in the beautiful USA and this one comes to us straight from Pennsylvania!  The history here is amazing; these are made in the oldest operating cigar factory in America!

First off I want to discuss the presentation of these cigars.  They are protected in glass tubes sealed in wax so you know you have a super fresh smoke.  He said right away that these are extremely smooth and have a great flavor.  I think his favorite is “The President”.  They are really reasonably priced so you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a great cigar!

I also sampled their wonderful coffee beans.  Yes; this company sells cigars and coffee among other items.  It is like “heaven on a website”.  Coffee is bold, from Central American and South American beans.  My bag, The Quartermaster for sure had hints of yummy cinnamon.  It is the perfect kick-start to my day.  One pound costs around $15.00 so it is affordable for anyone.

Mommy and Daddy are happy up in this house.  Check them out!

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