Nonni’s Season Biscotti

Fall/Winter weather brings that chill that I always need an extra cup of coffee or tea to combat.  With the beverage always comes the cookie and people I have a wonderful biscotti to show you all from Nonni’s.  These are a true treat; a family recipe straight from Italy that we can all enjoy!  This is quite honestly a box of cookies you will want to pick up and bring to whomever’s house you are heading to during the holiday season.  My household gave their different flavors a try this week and each one was better than the next!  The Pumpkin Spice biscotti is just a delight for my Oct/Nov nights.  I put the kids to bed and enjoy the fabulous pumpkin/spice flavors. The cookies’ bottom layer of cinnamon icing combines with my coffee for a dessert better than ice cream!  The kids love Milk Chocolate Hazelnut; of course this mommy allowed for a special mug of hot chocolate to add to the enjoyment!  The hubby is a huge fan of everything gingerbread so their Gingerbread biscotti was right up his alley!  He said the flavor was sweet and perfect and I had to limit him to two because he was getting out of control (they come complete with yummy icing along the bottom that is to die for).  I took the box of Cranberry Cioccolati with me to work; the sweet cranberry combination is a great solution to the mid-day workday slump!

Definitely for sure you have to try these for the holiday enjoyment you deserve!  Check out  The company also offers awesome contests on their social media pages!!


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