FITBIB For The Sunshine Win!

We are all getting outside more often these days and actually it has been refreshing.  I adore spending some free time “smelling the roses” with my kids.  Summer is in full swing and the heat is HOT.  I am always applying sunscreen and I worry all the time about UV exposure and skin cancer etc.  I love when I am handed an amazing product that combats this issue.  You absolutely can work out in the sun and not worry so much.  All the while…being comfortable.

FITBIB was designed by Nicole Stuart, celebrity and fitness trainer for 20 years.  She always felt that exposure to the chest area was where she suffered.  So enter FITBIB and we are good to go.  This is a super soft bib made from moisture-wicking fabric that is light weight and totally UVF sun protective.  It is so easy to put on; basically a magnetic clasp and you are good to go.  You can now kiss really painful sunburns and laser treatments goodbye.  Two great options here – full coverage and partial coverage.  I actually walked the track in it this morning and I felt totally comfortable and protected the entire time.  I wasn’t sweating and I wasn’t pulling at it as I worked out.  You simply must check these out!  They cost about $30 and are a MUST for being out and about in the sunshine!