Check Out New Sunscreen Options We Love!

The weather is still super hot and today is the perfect day to head to the beach.  Early of course as we we are still at half capacity where I live.  I know we are all grabbing hand sanitizer and masks for the beach tote but please don’t forget the sunscreen!  Its gonna be a hot one!  I am always on the look out for new sunscreen options for my family and today I am sharing two that we adore!

Project Sunscreen:  this is a California based company that is made 100% of active mineral ingredients including zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  Back to the basics baby!  This is a huge range of UVA and UVB protection without the gross chemicals.  It is friendly to our ocean as well as the reef.  Now here is the best part – this is a roll on style applicator.  No more messy greasy hands and faces (and eyes!)  There are options for baby, kid, teen and adult; and they sell these awesome silicon cap toppers with this great loop you can attach to your keys, your bag etc. so no excuses to not have it with you at all times!  I freaking love this product!  Well made and well planned!

SpoMYUV:  what if I told you that you can read that extra chapter at the beach now and that a simple sticker will tell you when to reapply sunscreen? Yep; you heard me correctly.  SpotMyUV is this awesome sticker you apply to the area you are most worried about.  Simply cover with sunscreen as you normally would and then hop into the sunlight to activate.  The spot will turn clear and then off you go until it turns purple.  Then you reapply!  This works for up to 6 reapplications of sunscreen.  This is perfect for vacations, parks, boat trips etc.  Check them out below!  For just about $1 a dot how can you go wrong!