Five Below is for Stocking Stuffers

Five Below has evolved in my mind to quite a bit more of a destination for stocking stuffer shopping. I would admit I thought of Five Below as more of a dollar store at first until I realized it has quite a bit more quality than I expected.

What you see here in the photo is the hodgepodge of Christmas ideas. My takeaway was if I’m looking for stocking stuffers it really does have a nice combination.

The photo has everything from dog toys to Minecraft games and some cute Santa pillows and decorations. But to me the overall theme here is that this is stuff that I would buy for a stocking stuffer and have to jump around from store to store.

My previous assumption of Five Below being dollar store quality is not true as much as it is one stop for all stocking stuffers and such.

I find that shopping for stocking stuffers can be a bit of a headache in that I’m only buying the stuff that is usually thrown in the front of the store by the checkout counters. So to fill a stocking involves running place to place OR ordering a ton of stuff on Amazon but honestly it’s not as great of a deal on Amazon for the cheaper products.

In this case, you have an entire store to choose from and we’re not buying junk for the kids. The quality is something to consider and for 50 bucks you can certainly load your kids up with quite a nice little stocking.