Munchkin UV Pacifier Sterilizer Review

I cannot count the times my baby drops her pacifier in a day. No worries at home, but on the go, it stresses me out. (How often do they actually clean the floor at a restaurant?) So I have at least four to five pacifiers with me at all times, to then run out anyway. That is until we were given the Munchkin 59S Mini Portable UV-C Sterilizer!

Munchkin sterilizer
Munchkin sterilizer

The Munchkin pacifier sterilizer is big enough for any pacifier, but still small enough to easily carry along in your diaper bag or attach to the stroller. In under a minute, the pacifier is completely sterilized with UV light. The UV light shuts off automatically when the lid is opened, so any curious little eyes are safe.

You can use the portable UV-C sterilizer with power via USB or with three AA batteries. Munchkin even offers a test paper so you can see if the UV lights are working properly, for your peace of mind.

We love Munchkin. This brand is a staple in our home. They have high-quality products you can rely on. You can get the sterilizer on Munchkin’s website for $20.00. It is also available on Amazon for $21.99.

The Munchkin pacifier sterilizer is the perfect gift for any new parents. Next time you are invited to a baby shower, be sure to add it to your gift basket!