Flippy For The Work At Home Mom!

Let’s face it.  Some of us left the office back last March…and some of us are still at home.  Working at home remotely has sure been a 2020-2021 challenge; so hard to focus and concentrate at home with the kids learning from home and all the normal household chatter.  I am always on the hunt for a new item that will help us make this whole new world transition just a little bit easier.

I hate to be cliché; but I’m kinda Flipping Out for Flippy.  This is a tablet pillow that has three unique angles that works whether you are sitting, standing or lying down.  I promise you will be comfortable working wherever you are in the house (sometimes I hide in the closet) and it is so lightweight you can easily tote it around with you all day.  Just yesterday I participated in a zoom team meeting while cooking actual dinner.  I was sort of impressed with myself.  I have a pretty light pink color but it comes in several colors/patterns.  Also; and I should have mentioned this before – this is a woman owned business which this “power momma” loves to support.  Original Flippy costs $29.98 while the Cubby pillow version is $34.98 and comes with this cool storage pocket great for glasses, wires, ear phones and more.  This works with so many types/sizes/styles of tablets so no worries you will be able to use it with ease!
Check them out!  Great gift for Mom!