Shyn Teeth Whitener – a Wireless 32 LED System

The Shyn Teeth Whitening kit is so much more advanced than the teeth whitening kits I tried years ago. I was used to trying the stickers and all kinds of contraptions for teeth whitening.

What made this interesting was that it was wireless and really stupidly simple.

I love gadgets that are that simple to use.

You paint on the paste, stick the thing in your mouth and wait 15 minutes.

If you want to increase the speed of the results, do it more often.

But there’s no magic or special tricks, this teeth whitener is pretty straight forward.

And that’s what I want in such a contraption. I really don’t want to be overly involved in my teeth whitening. I just want to sit on my butt and get whiter teeth.

That’s what this does.

You can now run around the house with an odd LED flashlight shining out of your mouth. Laundry, dishes, or whatever and then 15 minutes later, you’re done.

But most importantly, I actually did see results. I would have taken a picture to show you but honestly I’m a bit scared in high-sight to show my teeth.  So I’m telling you, this definitely made things a bit light.