Fourth of July Drinks 2021

 Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, and I wanted to try a few things different. Jumping to the drinks, I wanted to look at drinks that I’ve never tried before. These are honestly my favorite stories because they get my brain going, and I try different things to see how they all go over.


You’ll see in the shot I have Bravus nonalcoholic beer, which I feel like will become more and more of a thing especially post Covid. We are all trying to be a little bit healthier, and I just think the idea of drinking something besides a standard beer is actually kind of appealing to me. You’ll see various examples here, and I think these kind of drinks made things a little different for your party.


Then we have some Sangre de toro wine. How is that for a switch from a nonalcoholic to an alcoholic? I feel too often people will say they need this particular red or that one, and I just love the overall taste of the original red blend.  The Tempranillo this is more of a refined taste and, of course, awesome.


Finally, we see Amora coffee, which has some nice blends, and I particularly found the birthday cake one rather interesting. I love finishing off the party by giving everyone coffee for the ride home, so I thought that was a nice touch.