Fourth of July Snacks for 2021

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, so I figured it was time to cover some cool nifty new snacks to make your Fourth of July celebration better than ever.


You’ll see Garden of Eatin’ spell in the cute and adorable way which makes blue chips, white chips and if you combine the colors in the right way, “proof” – you have a party. I love that it’s organic, and they really taste awesome. My favorite is probably the white corn, but really they all taste the same, so I think it’s just in my head.


On the other end of the photo is the Garden Veggie, which has a sea salt, Stars & Stripes variety. I actually got a kick out of these because they really do look like an awesome fireworks display. I didn’t actually expect them to make the stripes like they did, but it really works.


In the middle, you’ll see a gift basket from Tates cookies. As a Long Island-based company, of course, we know Tate’s. These things are like gold here on Long Island. They are world-famous across the Hamptons and basically across the entire island. I like this gift basket, though, because the box does make a great display.


Are you like us and prepping for the Fourth of July the day before?