Great Baby Items For Your Summer On The Go!

We are all FINALLY getting back out there in the world and I am thrilled to show you a few awesome baby items you can have packed in your trunk ahead of time to make your activities easier!

comfiGO booster seat: this is your comfortable, convenient on-the-go and kid-friendly booster seat.  An absolute travel must! There is no clunky hard plastic you are sitting on.  This is a soft cushion you place on your seat.  It’s rubber bottom keeps it in place.  Their safety technology brings the belt down to your child instead of raising the child up.  Super safe and super easy to use.  Really easy to install so this is your road trip quick set up must!

Mission Critical Baby Carrier: an amazing baby carrier for parents on the go.  Think travel, theme park, zoo, hiking, fishing etc.  This is a summer MUST!  I have the S.01 Action Baby Carrier and couldn’t be more thrilled!  So much room to grow as baby can face inwards or outwards.  It has a sunshade actually built in.  I have always been skeptical of using these carriers as so many of them seem flimsy but this one is made from super high quality and long lasting materials.  You will love it!

Baby Magic Calming Baby Products: These products are tried and true! We LOVE the smell of their calming baby baby and baby lotion.  Perfect for winding down with your little one during their nighttime routine.  I honestly put the lotion on myself to go to sleep LOL.

Kabrita Goat Milk Products:  goat milk is a wonderful solution to your little one’s tummy troubles.  I know you will adore trying out their amazing products like toddler formula, milk porridge and snack puffs.  This is iron, prebiotics, DHA, protein and 22 minerals/vitamins.  I know it’s different; but you will wish you always used these products!