Franzia Wine for Summer Fun!

Ladies…warmer weather is coming I can feel it.  The sun is already staying out longer and I kind of put away my gloves and hat.

I am dreaming of sitting on the beach with a good book and a great glass of vino.  Franzia has such a great way to bring your favorite kind of wine with you anywhere you desire to go.  When you head down to the beach/cabana, etc., you never really know who will be there or how many friends may pop by your umbrella.  These boxed wines are of amazing quality and 34 glasses per box.  Easy to carry/pack and you always have enough on hand for whatever the day or weekend may bring.

You can very easily choose between whites, reds, or blush wines.  Extensive selection too, I may add.  We are loving the Sunset Blush, which is medium on the dry/sweet level, and a light-bodied strawberry flavored blush wine.  This pairs wonderfully with fruits and appetizers.  91 calories a glass which means it’s not too bad on your waistline as you grab glass two or three!

I am for sure going to try out a box of red and white; in fact, they will come in super handy for a party I am hosting next month for Easter.

Check out Franzia boxed wines and get ready for summer!