Cusa Tea & Coffee Review

I am one super busy mommy over here; working full time, constantly on the go, and carpooling into the late hours of the evening.  For sure, I need constant fuel; coffee is my actual best friend.  I am always looking for a quick and easy coffee fix as I navigate through my schedule. This week we are checking out Cusa Tea & Coffee and couldn’t be happier.

With Cusa Tea & Coffee, you literally no longer have to wait for coffee to brew or tea to steep.  Who has time for that anyhow?!  All you need is hot or cold water (whatever floats your boat) and you are ready to go.  Also, the quality is pretty awesome; coffee is strong “barista” style brew which this coffee snob truly appreciates.

Here is what we are loving:

Coffee Variety Pack ($29.99): Check out a great sampling of their offerings. All you need to do is pour the coffee-stick into a cup/bottle, add water/milk, and mix in seconds.

Apple Spice Herbal Tea ($24.74): I honestly adore this for the evening when I finally get to relax and unwind.  It has a great apple/cinnamon/clove flavor and a kind of neat hint of licorice.  Caffeine-free, you mix with hot/cold water and you are ready to enjoy.

Cusa Tea & Coffee Variety Pack ($25.99):  This pack is epic.  All their great flavors (2 servings) in one convenient bag.  You get great green and black teas, herbal teas (their Deep Doze tea is awesome), and some coffees (light/medium/dark roasts).

Check out this great company!