FunctionaliQi For Your Health!

Your health and beauty are two of the most important things to you I would imagine.  Staying fit, strong and looking youthful in the process – ladies we cannot ask for more than that.

FunctionaliQi Botanical Infusions are a great product where you can quite literally blend the benefits of antioxidants and adaptogens right in your morning shake or herbal tea.  My son and I are testing them out this week and here is what we are enjoying:

MINDSET Herbal Tea ($24):  This is your everyday tea for wellness to start off in the right direction.  This is a yummy blend of adaptogens, mint, lemon myrtle (one of my favorite essential oils) and licorice root.  The taste is great and the aroma even greater!  I truly love this blend!

Chicolate ($24): this is a nice spiced cocoa powder that is high in antioxidants and cacao for brain boosting.  I whip my son up a shake when he is studying for a big test as it is great for concentration.  Also a very healthy option if you are craving something sweet.  I have a few sips and I no longer want that 7PM bowl of ice cream.  Another great idea I have been trying out – add a scoop to your cup of coffee!

Renewal Tea ($24): this is your detox go-to!  It is a blend of cleansing bitters, adaptogens and spices.  You can enjoy both hot or cold and pair with some of their other products like the chicolate I mentioned above.  You should totally incorporate into your routine especially after a weekend of indulging!

Other amazing options as well – check out these and other products!