GarmaGuard: Get your clothes clean on the go!

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I hate it when in the middle of the day you realize you are not as fresh as you were when you left the house in the morning. And at work or on the road, you cannot just pop into a shower or change your clothes. Here comes GarmaGuard to the rescue! A quick spray and you smell just as fresh as when you just left the shower.

GarmaGuard is a non-GMO, natural fabric cleanser that eliminates odor-causing bacteria with its botanical citric acid formula. It removes all bad odors and leaves a nice vanilla-type scent.

Now, you can also use it on any other kind of tissues: not only on clothing, but also on shoes, uniforms, towels, bedding, car seats, sports equipment, couches, dog beds, and accessories. (And just think about all that athletic wear you can get smell-free again!)

And I feel safe using it on anything my kids or pets will touch since it is non-toxic, biodegradable, and naturally derived. The fact that GarmaGuard produced it cruelty-free is a nice added bonus.

What I love is the price! for $13 you get a can that will give 225+ sprays!

There are other, cheaper air and fabric fresheners on the market, but they trap odor molecules rather than eliminate them. The molecules are still there, but chemicals mask the odor temporarily. These chemicals are not always very healthy and might even be carcinogenic.