GlassesUSA Sells Affordable Glasses Online


I’ve never enjoyed the concept of ordering glasses purely from the economic standpoint that you’re basically ordering from monopolies. Whenever I see the option of ordering glasses online, I’ve always found it a lot more appealing just to give competition to the rest of the market.

What struck me with GlassesUSA is that they do sell all the major brands but have a ridiculous discount. First of all, I enjoy the fact that you can virtually try on your glasses and see what has a nice fit. What I actually found even more appealing though was the fact that when I told them that my first order had a slight manufacturing defect, in a few seconds they were quick to replace it and make it right.

The regular pair of glasses I received was from their Ottoto Vinyl collection, which includes some of the lightest pairs of glasses.  They come with a beautiful case and even have the extra plastic nose pads which I always seem to use.

The sunglasses are from their SeaClean collection and are made from upcycled plastics. I actually don’t know why this cannot be our basic standard, but that’s another story. But wouldn’t it be great if more companies did this?

Overall, I found the service to be quite amazing and the price point to be quite reasonable.