Gelli Mat Review

Are you looking to create a safe and healthy environment for your children to play in? Let’s start from the ground up. Carpets are soft but unhygienic. You will never be able to clean every spill completely out of them. And not to mention allergies! Hardwood floors are certainly more hygienic but can lead to bruises when your child falls. They are so slippery for those little running feet. So, what can you do to give your kids a safe surface to play and learn on? TCG Toys has launched the Gelli Mat.

These cute mats create a soft surface for your children to safely try their first steps on. Soft and strong, you will be able to use these mats for a long time! Made out of non-toxic EVA foam, they are hypoallergenic and non-slip. These mats do not slide along the surface of your floor. Therefore, they offer your children a non-slip surface to run on.

The Gelli Mat is 0.39 inches thick. It is certainly super soft and comfy.

TCG luxury Gelli mat

Easy to clean too! Since it is water-resistant, the mat is protected from spills and stains. Simply wipe clean and dry off, and you are good to go! The mat stands up to household cleaners with no color fading either! And as it is water resistant, nothing your child could ever spill on it will cause issues. Truly, a dream to have in your house!

I love that the mats have a print on both sides. One side is filled with cute animals, the other side has a modern design. So, when you are having visitors over, you can simply turn the playmat over and you get a beautiful area rug. The next day, you turn it back over to give your children a cute playing field.

TCG luxury Gelli mat 1

I was astounded as to how light the mat is! You can carry it around without any trouble and it rolls up easily.

I personally highly recommend the Gelli Mats. We love to use them inside and outside since they are so easy to clean!

You can get them in different designs: Alphabet Fun, Animals Funtime (this is the one in the pictures), Animals Faces, and a Neutral Calm Design. These mats are available on Amazon for prices ranging from $65 to $99, depending on the size.