Whiskware Snacking Containers Review

My children are always hungry! We might be leaving home after a big brunch of eggs, bacon, toast, beans, and potatoes; but I can bet you that after 10 minutes one of them will be crying that they will die from starvation if they do not get anything to eat that very instant! So I always make sure to have something in my bag for them. But you know how kids are, they each want their own thing. And not just one option, oh no, they need choice! So  I have been using the Snacking Containers of Whiskware.

They offer different themes: Disney princesses, Marvel heroes, Star Wars, Harry Potter, DC, cute animals, just plain solid colors, and robots. And in each theme, you can get up to 10 different designs!
For example, the Marvel theme offers you Spider-Man, Captain America, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel. I love that they have so many options and themes! You can surely find a color and image your child loves in the many many options.

And then you fill the Snacking Containers (or Snack Packs) with your children’s favorite treats! Each Snack Pack has three containers: one that’s 1/3 cup, and two that are 1 cup each. The pack comes with a removable handle on top for easy transportation by little hands. All four pieces securely screw together so nothing can accidentally unlock during transportation. The containers fit perfectly into a child’s sized backpack, or in the side pocket of a diaper bag.

And as an added bonus, the Snacking Containers of Whiskware are BPA and phthalate-free! You can get them for $14.99 straight from their website or from Amazon.

image of separate sections of Whiskware Snacking Containers filled with snacks

image of Whiskware Snacking Containers filled, stacked and locked together, ready to go