Geospace Toys

Geospace is my new holiday shopping hero; these great toys are perfect for under my families tree this year.  Since 1985 the company has been bringing us toys that keep our children active and I am thrilled with their current selections.  “Air Archer Bow” (with safe foam rocket) will be surely be a hit.  This is a bow and arrow meets rocket with an easy bungee style cord that once drawn back can honestly shoot this rocket up to 150 feet!  I love the thought of my kids running around grabbing the rocket to launch once again!  The Bow is priced at $19.99 making it a great gift option.  Looking for something smaller; something a smaller child will feel comfortable with? Check out “Bungee Blast Pump Rocket”.  Great for 3 and up, you simply launch by pulling back the cord.  This is a wonderful stocking stuffer priced at $6.99.  Now this one was my favorite: “Jump Rocket LED Night Shotz Set”.  These rockets contain lighting in the top so once you launch via foot stomper off they go 100 feet with a light show sure to grab your neighbor’s attention!  $24.99 seems very reasonable for this fun giftable.  So many more options from Geospace; please visit for more information on all their awesome products as well as to purchase.


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