Colorforms Create A Story

I do love a new spin on an old favorite.  Despite the fact that “colorforms” are age appropriate for 3 and up, I was super excited to play with new “Colorforms Create A Story” playsets this past weekend.  Colorforms has been bringing us these great products for over 60 years!  Our family checked out Spiderman and we had a blast.  They are the same colorforms you remember but with a cool new pop up easel that features 4 different scenes.  You get about 48 total colorforms to use so the sky is the limit.  I absolutely adored how even my 9 year old happily began making up a story line to follow what was going on the easel.  This takes imagination and combines it with literary story telling and I was in awe.  The box self-contains the colorforms when you are through so clean up is simple and fast!  Everyone was taking terms being “artist” or “director” and I just sat there smiling.  “Create A Story Colorforms” come in an array of your favorite characters: Spiderman, Frozen, Despicable Me, Doc McStuffins and Paw Patrol to name a few.  They retail for around $9.99 making them an affordable holiday gift.  Please visit amazon to make a purchase: as well as other retailers such as Toys R Us.


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