Getting Lunchbox Ready!

Not gonna lie.  Backpacks are ready for the upcoming school year.  I actually may torture them by placing them by the door.  LOL (no…I am not that bad).  But I do usually make the end of August my heartfelt quest to find better snack options for their lunch boxes.    My search plus this wonderful job I have trying new products out has led me to a few I would like to share with you.

One is Mamma Chia.  We have been checking out squeezable snack pouches full of chia seed, fruits, veggies and quite a bit of Omega-3’s.  There are amazing flavor options like “cherry beet”, “blackberry bliss”, “green magic”, “mango coconut”, “strawberry banana” and “wild raspberry”.  These are delicious; I actually take them to work with me. These chia seeds are really something – 2 times more potassium than bananas, twice the calcium than milk and the list goes on!   Definitely worth the try!  Each pouch is 70 calories.

Also check out RW Garcia snack/crackers.  This is a 3rd generation family run, non-GMO company that only uses simple ingredients.  My family is checking out their artisan crackers this week and so far I love them all!  Their “sweet potato crackers” are a delicious combo of flaxseed, sesame and chia.  They are just enough sweetness.  And don not get me started on how much I love the “kale crackers”.  So happy to be serving the kids a healthier cracker option with their cheese for lunch.

Do you struggle with your kids eating enough fruit/veggies? Wanna join me in the trickery I have going on? I have been serving them snack bags with Crunchies freeze-dried fruits and vegetables and they gobble them up with gusto.  The flavor quality is amazing.  These are nice sized pieces and I was in awe that they even ate the beets!  Strawberries, mangoes, and mixed fruit are the clear winners in this house but so many options to choose from!  I even take them to work in my tote for the mid-day slump!

Have a sweet tooth like me? Need a more “grab and go” option that are individually wrapped and ready? I know here in this house even when I expertly wrap up a brownie for their lunch box I am told that it crumbled up etc.  Otis Spunkmeyer has these great cookies and snack cakes to satisfy your craving!  And you totally don’t feel bad about giving them to the kids since they made without artificial flavors and without high fructose corn syrup!  So many amazing items: I LOVE the “iced lemon cakes”, the hubby has kind of taken over the “cinnamon crumb mini loaf cakes” and the kids adore the “chocolate chunk cookies”.

I tried to make it easy; go grab some of these options and be ready to easily and smartly prepare your child’s lunch!




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