Win one of five copies of Beginner’s Baby Sign Language by Sara Bingham

baby sign language

Early childhood communication struggles can be frustrating for already exhausted new parents and early childhood caregivers.  The perfect solution is learning sign language, and it’s easier than you think! Beginner’s Baby Sign Language: Sign & Sing at Home is designed to show you how to easily communicate with preverbal children, increasing your bond and joy during the early stages of development.

Award-winning educator and author Sara Bingham has included all her expertise in this go-to book that belongs on every parent’s reading list. Beginner’s Baby Sign Language: Sign & Sing at Home is packed with illustrations and photographs, making it easy to find and teach the words you want to help your child communicate. With this book, you and your baby will quickly be communicating clearly and confidently!


Five winners will win one copy of Beginner’s Baby Sign Language: Sign & Sing at Home by Sara Bingham



End Date: April 30, 2023

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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