Gifts from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts and Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique

I love the idea of customizing presents and getting stuff that’s a bit more unique.  I mean I’ve seen the customized t-shirts up the wazoo, but I’m honestly a little tired of it all.

What makes Groovy Groomsmen Gifts a little different is the variety.  They customize and ship each piece out to you as it’s ready.  I actually loved the idea that you can basically handle each piece of the puzzle for a wedding and really choose something unique for each person in the wedding party.

But also, the customer service was really top-knotch. Whenever I had a question they wrote immediately back without any problems or issues.

The three things you see in the shot are the Combat Cooler.   A great groomsman or bridesmaid gift for storing the beer and a cute way to have the initials of the recipient.

The knife in the shot to the left actually says Famadillo! Isn’t’ that crazy!   This will certainly make me stand out at my next press event!

Finally you see the tumbler from the “Lets Stay In” set.  It comes with a robe and tumbler. I only didn’t include the robe in the photo because it was too hard to fit.

Overall, I love the one-stop shopping.


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