Hydration Here We Come With Liquid I.V.

Summer 2020 is in full swing whether we like it or not! The sun is hot and it just doesn’t quit till about 9PM!  We are definitely using our bikes and outdoor toys more than ever this pandemic summer of 2020 and that means more worry that we are overheated or not properly hydrated.  I am dabbling this week in a new product called Liquid I.V. and I think you will all love it as well!  We have to basically encourage ourselves to do the right thing.  I have this tall metal cup that I fill 3 times daily now as my personal reminder.  Don’t forget it is recommended that we all get 8-10 glasses of water daily.  And those sports drinks and juices that the kids beg you for don’t always hydrate them.  Most contain sugar, flavors and silly dyes.  I get they are more “cool” to drink, but they don’t do the job our bodies need them to do.

This company has 3 awesome options to keep us all hydrated and full of energy.  Hydration Multiplier is an non-GMO electrolyte mix that actually brings your body the same hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water all while providing 11 essential vitamins.  Flavor options include passion fruit (my fave), acai berry and lemon lime.  Pricing is about $1.50 a stick.  Energy Multiplier brings this awesome combo of Matcha, Guayasa, and Ginger that both energizes and hydrates your body through that 2-4 hours of sports practice and outdoor play.  The lemon lime flavoring is super yummy; this is like 1-2 cups of coffee here moms!  Cost is around $1.80 a stick and totally worth it with these awesome ingredients!  Finally, Sleep Multiplier; now this one intrigued me.  This is a sleepy time drink mix that contains Melatonin, L-Theanine and Valerian root to help you sleep faster.  You and your kiddies will wake up refreshed and ready to start the next day!  The cost here, about $2.40 per stick.

Variety packs and pack counts vary; of course you can stock up and really save!  These are all safe for children and a great back to school routine option no matter how the school day will look like!