Kindroot To The Rescue!

What if I told you that during these times of most uncertainty and stress that you could “reset” your self with a plant/aromatherapy combo? What if I told you it was so easy that all you needed to do was pop in a lozenge?  Yup; I’m not kidding.  Check out my new personal favorite product, a little thing called kindroot.

They are made from these “adaptogems” which are smooth lozenges that blend adaptogens (special class of plants that balance your body and resist stress) and other active ingredients with a yummy flavor.  I’m talking herbs, berries, collagen, melatonin and more!  I KNOW!  So awesome!  There are four options and each one is more amazing and useful than the next one.  My personal go to for work is “Focus”.  This is clarity meets cognition meets energy and has this yummy berry/lemon flavor.  Have one of these to combat your mid-day work slump!  Totally works and stops me from unnecessary sugar intake.  Glow is going to be great for your skin.  I love how they couple collagen and herbs like ashwagandha for rejuvenation.  Boy do we need that now more than ever!  Mood (my new bestie for my pocketbook is making such a difference with how I am handling stress.  They actually improve your mood and lift you up a bit.  I’m actually not sure where they have been my whole life to be honest.  Finally, and especially if you have trouble winding down and sleeping at the end of a busy day, check out snooze; this is melatonin, herbs for calmness and lavender vanilla flavoring.  They are so delicious and the perfect end to the day.  Unlike other melatonin products, I actually wake up good to go and not sluggish at all.

These are super easy; take one as needed and you really will notice a difference.  They are a good price point at about $20 for a bag of 20.  Please check them out and help yourself for once!