Top Chocolate for Mother’s Day

Anybody who says that diamonds are the way to a girl’s heart clearly does not realize that the short-term solution is chocolate. Chocolate can solve most of my problems throughout the day and is basically a solution multiple times a month too. Moms certainly love diamonds but, realistically, I will sooner take chocolate over flowers any day for Mother’s Day.

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You’ll see here a few different options. The first of which is Congo Tropicals which has other varieties of products but, obviously, all of it comes straight from the Congo. If you’re into the idea of converging coffee with chocolate, then this is a wonderful combination to cover all your bases. Maybe you want to have a theme party night and just want to have it all from one area and now you can. Congo chocolate, Congo plantains, and Congo coffee.


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Spinnaker Chocolate follows along with that theme-making single-origin chocolate where you can really explore some differences. This is the four-bar sampler which I actually found kind of interesting from an intellectual point of view. I don’t know if I can taste the difference between chocolate from Uganda versus chocolate from Madagascar or Colombia, but I am willing to try to continue eating this chocolate until I fully understand it.

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Oodaalolly makes Filipino cacao and delivers it straight to you. Right now they are running a special for orders over 65 USD with free shipping. The combos here are insane like the Havana white Montmorency cherries mixed with dark chocolate, but they have other varieties too. I love the fact that at $65 it’s pretty reasonable if you’re going crazy on chocolate. Plus, you could certainly get some pretty authentic cacao chocolate coming straight from the Philippines.


fames chocolate


Fames Chocolate is made right in the heart of Brooklyn. They’re handcrafted and Kosher and created and sent straight from Flushing Ave in Williamsburg. This pack is the Nut Clusters Chocolate Gift Box which contains  Caramel Brittles, Pecan patties, Almond and Cashew Clusters, and Kosher Dairy-free Chocolates.  What I love is that you don’t often see this kind of combo. I’ve never seen cashew clusters, for example.  Pecan patties are also not that common to me. If you’re looking for something a bit different but also something that makes a great gift AND has a New York angle, this might be for you.



Hernan makes hand-molded chocolate balls by artisans in Mexico, which make the best hot chocolate in the world. They are a combination of organic cacao and cinnamon and all the spices you need to dissolve to make hot chocolate. Not only that, they come in this adorable little basket made of natural palm leaves. Basically, you take 3-4 of these balls and melt them in your chocolate and you can adjust how chocolatey you want it to be.


What you see here is the collection of ChocXO which are keto chocolate bites.  Why are they awesome chocolates? They’re basically healthier versions of the chocolate that you know and love. Do you like peanut butter cups? Then you’ll love cacao dark chocolate cups. They come individually wrapped so momma can keep a bag on her desk and snack whenever the mood takes my fancy.  And honestly, who can complain about nibbling on something healthy like dark chocolate-covered almonds?

beyond good
Beyond Good makes single-origin chocolate that is ethically and sustainably sourced from Madagascar.  Not only are these ethically smart purchases, but they are also fully transparent in the chocolate-making process. It’s that combination that really resonates with me as I’ve found it amazing we struggle sometimes just to find out the actual ingredients in some things.  But see that middle one, dark chocolate, 92%?  That is basically gold! 🙂


dragon eggs

To say that these are the best peanut butter cups I’ve ever had would lead you to think I’m being dramatic, but I’m not. This Peanut Butter Dragon Egg from Vosges Chocolate is not just the chocolate but the adorable story that goes with it. These chocolate eggs are so amazing they’re limited to only 100 a day.

Vosges also offers a wonderful book called: Atreyu, Tutu and the Magical Dragon.  Now, what you might not know is that I’m super into Tolkien and Game of Thrones and fantasy.  I say that because having this magical story combined with chocolate is such a great idea.  17 Fine chocolates, with the tasting map and the book, is just such a great idea for any fantasy-loving mom.