Go Bong/Last Mouse Lost Travel Games

We are all traveling somewhere at some point with all the upcoming holidays, and I love to get my hands on a few great travel games for my family.  Specifically, games that have them thinking and that spark their creativity.  The great people over at Fox Mind Games have a wonderful selection and this holiday season I was able to give a few of them a try!

Go Bong is a 2015 Mensa Awards Finalist and a terrific travel game option!  This game has no parts to lose or to shift while driving.  There are a series of solitaire and chess-like games you can play or we really enjoyed the two-player logic game.  The silicone buttons are super easy to press, although the goal is usually to push down as few as possible!  The instructions are easy to follow and kept us busy for the duration of the ride.  Go Bong is age appropriate for children 6 and up.

Next for us to try out was Last Mouse Lost and this game is awesome!  Also appropriate for 6 and up and with no loose pieces, plus it is super ideal as well for the car. The goal here is to not be the player who pushes down the “last mouse standing.”  On your turn, you can push down as many buttons as you like in a row.  The best 3 out of 5 rounds wins the game!  This game was a 2014 “best vacation toy” by Dr. Toy. Furthermore, in 2015, it holds the National Parenting Center’s “seal of approval.”  I love how this game can have a different outcome each round. It is all about strategy and thinking and having a plan.  It is super packable in both your purse and your luggage.

Please consider either of these fine travel games as the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season. Both are priced perfectly under $10 each.   For more information please visit their Amazon store.  This company truly brings us different games that involve strategy and cognitive skills and teamwork!

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