Giant Jenga

So I just received “Giant Jenga” and this is BEYOND PERFECT for under my families tree this holiday season.  I couldn’t believe my eyes opening the box to enormous hardwood “Jenga” blocks that will grow in the game to over 4 feet high.  Same concept of your classic “Jenga” game fun.  Start off by stacking the blocks in your own creative tower and then comes the task of removing a brick upon your turn without causing the wavering tower to crumble to the ground!  The steadiest hand will win this high energy game of care and precision.  Different with “Jenga Giant” is the fact that the tower you are building is with 54 polished hardwood blocks (size 6″ x 2″ x 1.2″).  Wanna go even higher? Grab yourself a booster pack to build your tower 5 feet tall!  My favorite part of “Jenga” is the fact that it can be played individually, with friends or your whole family!  The large-fun game retails for around $119.95 for the Giant Geniune Hardwood Edition.

THANK YOU for the post! Quick tweak- can you update pricing? The Jenga Giant Genuine Hardwood Edition you have goes for $119.95.  Fore more information please check out  Want to purchase the booster pack to build it up to 5 feet tall? It retails for $36
Also available on their website are great videos that you can watch to see the game unfold or even plan tower building strategy from!

Jenga Giant

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