Goats Milk Soap by Serenity Acres Farm

Great last minute stocking stuffer idea!

I love a new bath product item; I actually cannot resist buying any soap, spray or cream that someone dangles in front of me.  I was thrilled to try out fresh goat’s milk soap from Serenity Acres Farm in Pinetta, FL.  The company just wants to bring you the best and most fresh soap you can buy, and I must say they do the job!  These are the real, pure deal: no preservatives, alcohol, chemicals or dyes.  They are only made using “plant and herb based ingredients” as well as essential oils and honey.  Plus goat’s milk is packed with vitamins ( A, B6, C, D, E) and has moisturizing powers that give back to your skin instead of drying it out and taking it away!  There are really great scent options; I love the “almond oatmeal” as I am a sucker for anything almond.  The scent was delicious and I loved the soft and rich lather.  I also tried out “Rosewood Citrus” which was a yummy combo of orange, lemon and grapefruit.  This is a perfect soap to start your day with; super refreshing and I know you will love it as much as I do.  Other options include “stress relief”, “lavender”, “french green clay”, “unscented”, “eucalyptus rosemary sea salt scrub”, “mother earth” and more.  No matter which you choose you are getting quality and natural ingredients packed with healthy and fragrant oils.  Serenity Acres Farm has their new biggest fan!  Please visit their website for all the information and to make a purchase: http://www.serenitygoats.com/shop/.

serenity acres farm

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