Mr. Coffee Espresso & Cappucino Maker

Who doesn’t have a coffee lover on their holiday gift list? I have a wonderful machine at a wonderful price to tell you about!  Mr. Coffee brings us their “Steam Espresso and Cappuccino Maker” which I tried out this week and simply adore!  I am a huge coffee enthusiast so this product was less work and much more fun.  The machine is made to brew super strong java from 1-4 cups.  I had no trouble at all working this coffee maker.  It was super easy to use; the glass decanter is easily measured and stays cool when you touch it.  The milk frother worked perfectly the first time (I’ve had issues with other machines) and I cannot believe how easy to clean it was.  All the parts came apart easily to wash and put back for the next use.  I also must comment on how lightweight the machine is making it an excellent option if you need to travel with the need to make espresso!  (Don’t judge; there are many of us).  The “Steam Espresso and Cappuccino Maker” is priced at $39.99 making it a great buying option!  The Mr. Coffee website has some awesome latte and beverage recipes I personally will be trying ASAP!  Please visit–ecm160-np-/ECM160-NP.html#start=3 for more information.  You can also purchase on amazon:

Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker

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