Good Dees

So we can’t really go to our fave bakery at the moment so if you are like me you are probably baking up a storm!  It was just the most perfect time on earth for the wonderful people at Good Dee’s to send over some yummy samples of their low-carb options!  This company offers the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard in the world of sweets and cakes.  These items are diabetic friendly, keto friendly, WW friendly, gluten free, sugar free and more.  Like how is that even possible????

I was a little curious how yummy these products could be so I grabbed up the yellow snack cake mix and got the ball rolling.  It is made with almond flour and might be the moistest most delicious cake I’ve baked in quite some time.  Super easy to do also by the way.  The minute it cooled down I grabbed their whipped vanilla frosting (chocolate also available) to complete my masterpiece.  They are dairy free, made with coconut oil and are so light and perfect.

Also check out their yummy dark chocolate chips.  These are brand new and 100% naturally sweet!  They are made with 4 simple ingredients (naturally unsweetened chocolate and non dairy cocoa butter).  These are a great diet friendly sweet snack or the perfect topper to your cakes!

You will love this company.  Check them out and scoop up some mixes/chips and get your baking apron on! Oh; and I didn’t talk about their brownie/blondie/cookie/pancake mixes people – so so many awesome options!

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