Natural Formula Hair Products

Hey guys – another awesome mommy pampering item for ya!  We all have a lot of extra time on our hands right now and our hair should be blown out and super soft everyday in my opinion!  I spent the first few weeks of this nightmare kind of depressed but now I am kind of back and bad-ass here and I spend some personal time tending to my hair that I never really had before.

I am loving the quality products by Natural Formula.  These are the real deal here.  Like could buy them in a salon quality here.  I have been sampling their Ampoule Intense Line: these are going to repair and restore you tired, dry hair.  I use a few different hair straighteners here that for sure are destroying my hair on a daily basis.  The line consists of shampoo, conditioner, a repair serum (AMAZING) and the mask.  I am telling you now; if you try this mask you will simply NEVER use another product again.  Ever.  My hair feels so super soft it is ridiculous.  Like baby hair I am not kidding.  I noticed a change after just a few washes/styling sessions with the Ampoule line.

If you have curly hair you will adore their styling creams.  I can see myself loving these for my air dry beach curls over the summer.  This is like the perfect solution to rushing home after a day at the beach, showering quick, throwing on a sundress and heading out to drinks with friends.

Again – these are all great products for yourself or or the mom in your life that we are honoring this weekend.  Couldn’t be easier shopping right here on their Amazon storefront.