GoSili For The Holidays!

You have to check out all that Go Sili has to offer this holiday season!  I just grabbed some great stocking stuffers and other awesome gifts to check off my list.  Think teachers, bus drivers, babysitters and more! Silicone is truly a sustainable option so you are using quality items and helping conserve our planet as you go.

Here are a few items we are loving:

GoSili Marble Swirl Tumbler With Straw ($19):  non-toxic/reusable/microwave safe/comes with a straw.  You can get 8oz-24oz -I have 24 oz and love love love it!

GoSili Reusable Silicone Straws ($4-13):  These are awesome!  I just took a pack away with us so we didn’t have to use those terrible paper straws in hot weather conditions.  My daughter loves taking her straw to school in the little cute travel case so it doesn’t get germy or icky throughout the day.  Hers has this cute keychain loop that she can just attach right to her lounch tote or backpack so she always has one when she needs one.  These are dishwasher safe or you can boil/sterilize by hand.

GoSili Silicone Tumbler Pint ($15): this is my morning coffee in the car option.  Comes in such a nice array of colors too!  I love how it holds it shape so perfectly.  Lid stays on tight and super easy to wash/clean.  You can also pop it in the microwave!

GoSili Silicone Ocean Drinking Cups ($11): these are a super cute new option.  Your purchase supports Ocean Conservation.  They come in such pretty blue/marble designs.  They easily stack for easy storage.  They are dishwasher safe and you can use with their universal straw lid if you like.

Check them out!