Lakrids By Bulow – Licorice Gift Ideas

Now that Thanksgiving is now over we have to start preparing for all our holiday gatherings (now that we are allowed to have them again).  I always like to have a few luxury style sweets on hand to put out as snacks.  I was thrilled to check out great licorice sweets from Lakrids By Bulow.  Johan Bulow threw his passion into licorice; a Scandinavian treat he felt was very underappreciated.  What he came up with is simply the best.

There are so many great options available – sweet, salty, red, habanero, passion fruit, original (MY FAVE), and more.  His holiday offerings are AMAZING.

I am loving their great gift sets – perfect for everyone on your list as well as to just have it home for when the doorbell rings.  Their winter offerings are so cool!

Black Box Regular Classic & Gold features salty caramel and raspberry licorice treats.  Your perfect opportunity to offer your holiday guests gourmet Danish licorice.  You simply must go and explore their limited edition items as well and stock up before they disappear.  Oh; and how about a Christmas Advent Calendar so you can have yourself a little something special each day as you countdown to December 25th.

Check them out!